TCHF Oregon website goes bilingual

You CAN teach an old website new tricks!

After a lot of work and encouragement from Fr. David, I am happy to roll out a brand new feature of the TCHF website.  We have gone bilingual.
You will notice a new item in the left panel labeled "Languages".  We now support both english and spanish languages. 
The content has not changed, we just now have spanish versions of it all.  Just click the selector to switch between languages at any time.

It has been my hope for a long time to be able to do this, siince it will make the site much more user friendly to our friends in Mexico.  I have received enthusiastic support form both Father David and Father Miguel, so I tackled the project.  After much work and testing, I think it's time for the grand opening. 

I would like to ask help from our spanish speaking friends to help me with the translations, however.  I am relying on my two years of High School spanish and a LOT on use of Google Translate to do the major portion of the translations.  I would like your feedback on how well we did.  If you notice any glaring mistakes, please let me know by sending me an email to as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance for your help and support!

  Dan Ramirez