Community School Update

Many of the local Tarahumara need and expect for their children to begin working at a young age to support the family. Long term efforts have been made to inform these families of the necessity for a basic education but it is still not an easy task. Luckily, with the support of Fr. Miguel, his staff and community leaders, this situation is improving with the establishment of better school buildings, teachers and materials to stress the importance of this essential learning process. History has shown that in addition to basic nutrition and health care, education is a critical aspect in teaching the Tarahumara to improve the fundamental elements of their existence.

Community Work For Food Program

One of the main projects originally put in place by Fr. Verplancken to engage the Tarahumara community is the Work for Food Program. Designed to supplement the family nutritional needs with basic food staples, the program distributes food stuffs during those times of a poor harvest or exceptionally bad weather. Fr. Miguel and the Mission work together with community leaders to identify those projects most in need of repair or building. Here are some pics of the community members working on those projects.

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