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Development of the Fund

     The TCHF of Oregon has raised $2,213,516.30 since 1999. After operating expenses, these funds are transferred to the Mission Director in Creel, Mexico to use for ongoing operational and capital expenses.  As shown on the previous page, each year a major project is designated by the Director as the most important need that year.  Here is a brief snapshot of the period 1999 - 2016:

TCHF of Oregon

Gross Fundraising History

1999 -  2016


Does not include donations           to the Endowment Fund

     In 2013, the Board of Directors of the TCHF of Oregon decided to establish a separate endowment fund for the future sustainability of the Mission activities.  This account is part of the TCHF of Oregon and is managed by MKG   Financial Group in Portland, OR.

     With an initial deposit of just $95 this account has now grown to over $481,000 (Jan. 2018) with an additional $1,000,000 in planned gift intentions.  At this point, the fund is being handled as a growth asset with no disbursements being made.  The Board of Directors works closely with MKG to monitor the account.

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