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Water for Life Project

The Fund-An-Item for this year (2015) is “Water for Life”.  Even though the Copper Canyon has seen moderate precipitation in recent years the challenge still remains for dependable and safe access to clean drinking water. A comprehensive scientific survey of the existing conditions will be managed by Schneider Water Services of St. Paul, Oregon fully staffed by volunteers but still requiring a significant budget to execute.  The outcome of this survey will determine what needs to be done in the way of rehabilitation and new construction for the long term delivery of safe drinking water to the Tarahumara families who depend on it.

This will be a multi-year program that will put the infrastructure in place for many years to come.  The TCHF of Oregon will be supporting this project and their  annual Benefit just took place in October raising approximately $40,000 to be used for this campaign.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to this cause. Thanks again for Fr. Miguel, Fr. David and Steve Schneider and the entire Schneider group for spearheading and managing this project in support of the long-term survival of the Tarahumara in the Copper Canyon.

Please click the "Download" button for a detailed overview of the project:

Endowment Fund

Tarahumara Children’s Hospital Endowment Fund (TCHEF)
The Tarahumara Mission in the Copper Canyon of Mexico continues the healing ministry of Jesus that Fr. Verplancken started in 1960. Fifty-five years later, a history of building the trust of the Copper Canyon residents through the delivery of basic services necessary for health, education and shelter continues.
The TCHEF was established in 2013 by the TCHF of Oregon Board of Directors with the encouragement and support of Fr. Quintanilla, S.J. in Creel, Fr. Ungerleider, S.J. in Tijuana and the Jesuit Province of Mexico. We would also like to acknowledge Fr. Pedro de Velasco, S.J. for the “Tarahumara Wellness Story” and his many years of service to the Mission.
The “Campaign for Sustainability” focuses on building this fund for the ongoing administration of the Mission projects in the Copper Canyon. Generous supporters like you have nurtured the fund from a seed of just $95 in 2013 to over $140,000 by February of 2015. The growth of this fund will provide a level of stability for the Mission Director and his staff to continue to provide the compassionate care that is so heavily depended on by those in need in Creel and beyond in the Copper Canyon.
May God bless you and this work and may God make it last.
John Brockamp
President, TCHF of Oregon

Click the "Download" button for the full document:  (PDF) updated Feb, 2018

2018 Annual Report

The new 2018 Annual report is available here.  It is a free downloadable PDF document.

Jesuit Cultural Centers of Tarahumara

Dear friends and benefactors,

 I hope we start this year strong. 2021 will be a difficult year in many ways. I ask God to give us “a pair of all-terrain boots” to cross whatever comes this year. Days will come with glasses, thorns, mud, etc. and paved days will come too. I thank God Onorúame who will accompany us in any circumstance will come.

On this occasion I share with all of you an article written by a young Jesuit Father Rodrigo Espinoza S.J. He shares with us his work in the Jesuit Cultural Centers of Tarahumara. It is something that inspires the work of all the Jesuits who work accompanying the rarámuri people.

We continue in communion of prayers and offering of everything we do.


Fr. Miguel Quintanilla S.J.


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