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Leadership Giving

Your partnership with the TCHEF to support the activities of the  Mission in perpetuity is deeply appreciated.  Current Mission Director Fr. Miguel and his staff are working tirelessly to carry on with the many programs put in place by Mission founder Fr. Verplancken.  The Mission is totally dependant on the support of the TCHF chapters in the USA and donors from around the world to deliver the basic needs of the indigenous Tarahumara natives.

   As the old saying goes, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.”  From the     modest donation of $40 raised by a group of jr. high school students to major gifts made in honor of a loved one, every penny adds up.  We rely on the many small donations made throughout the year to fund the Mission activities.

     Donors interested in making a more substantial contribution to the Endowment Fund may also be entitled to tax benefits.  Please consult with your own accountant and/or investment manager to determine how your personal asset portfolio may benefit from charitable giving. 

     Your dedication to this cause is honored through the establishment of the following “Leadership Giving” levels:

· Platinum Level -  $100,000 +

· Gold Level -  $50,000 -  $99,999

· Silver Level -  $10,000 -  $49,999

· Bronze Level -  $1,000 -  $9,999

     Donors supporting the TCHEF at any of the levels above are entitled to the following benefits:

· “Meet-and-Greet” with our current Mission Director and Liaison,

· Mention in “Hall of Donors” on our website.

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