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Water For Life Project Update March 2017

Long time supporter of the TCHF of Oregon, Steve Schneider and his team are currently in Creel, MX working on the next phase of the Water for Life Project. Joined by his wife, family and friends they have all been busily working on the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data in order to determine which wells are candidates for restoration. This is the first time that a comprehensive scientific effort has been undertaken and we are so thankful to Steve (owner of Schneider Water Services in St. Paul, OR) for spearheading this project. Clean, safe and reliable water sources are not a "given" in this part of the world and waterborne diseases are a constant threat to the health and safety of those communities dependant on these wells. Thank you to Steve and his entire team for their impressive contribution to the Mission in Creel and we look forward to their findings and recommended remedies upon their return.

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