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Important Message from Father Miguel

The Santa Teresita Complex, Jesuit Mission in Tarahumara, Creel, Chih. MEX., does NOT participate in emergent food distribution programs for alleged "famines". We have a FOOD FOR COMMUNITY WORK PROGRAM that we implement annually under an agreement with some communities that commit themselves to work for their own benefit: soil conservation (to prevent landslide cultivation), community spaces, road repairs, etc. We also have CHILD WEIGHT AND SIZE that involves community health promoters in the treatment of malnutrition. We do NOT give food away for free, as this hinders the long-term organizational work of the community. We consider this more effective than avalanches of food distributed indiscriminately. In the past we have already had alleged "famines" and "mass suicides" of Rarámuri indigenous people. This has been more political manipulation than reality and has lent itself to opportunistic actions on the part of some people. We believe in that organizational work of the Rarámuri governors that involves the effort of the community. Under our program, which is more than 30 years old, we receive support provided that it complies with our distribution and calendar policies. In the United States of America, our support committees can guide people interested in being part of our effort. Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund in Michigan, Oregon and Louisiana. Go to: (John and Peggy Brockamp: or you can contact Kathy Burgio in Michigan,; or Armand Bertin in Louisiana:

Fr. Miguel Quintanilla S.J.

General Director

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