• Daniel Ramirez

Local Quilters Make 298th Donation (2019)

Once again, we are so very grateful and deeply touched by the donation of 15 more handmade quilts by local patrons Pat Swanson and Deloris Piller. This makes a grand total of 298 quilts that Pat and Deloris have made over the years.

This is truly an inspirational feat that these two lovely ladies took on on their own volition. We eagerly look forward to the new collection and feel privileged to have been selected as the recipient of this most generous act. These quilts will be boxed up and mailed to the Mission in Creel asap where they will be lovingly distributed to those needy children in the pediatric ward of the Clinica.

As mentioned before, many of the kids become so attached to the quilts during their stay that they are allowed to take them home with them once discharged. Cheers! to Pat and Deloris for this kind act and to all those children throughout the Tarahumara Region who have enjoyed this gift.

Kind regards,

TCHF Board of Oregon & Mission Director Fr. Miguel Quintanilla, S.J.

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