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2022 Easter Greetings from Fr. Miguel

The Risen Christ and the Rarámuri Indians

Dear Friends:

During these years, thanks to your generous support, I have had the opportunity to get closer to a culture very different from my own. Some important lessons I want to share with you and thank God in this time of Easter of Resurrection. It is something that has given me life.

In our culture, the more talk and noise, the funnier it is. Our culture likes the noise more than the calm and everyday silence. Many people who visit us get bored with the Rarámuris because they are very quiet and don't answer all their questions promptly. Our culture likes to come just to take pictures and make money. Our way of being is often trapped with too many thoughts that cause us many worries. With regularity we walk sad and without calm; our faces say it and we express it in the lyrics of the songs we compose.

The indigenous people that I have had the opportunity to deal with, as a special gift from God, have invited me to understand more deeply that to be a brother in Christ, really, you have to open your heart calmly, respecting and always helping, from my limitations, the people who cross my path.

This gives me great joy because it is something that I live as an experience of Christ who has overcome death and lives.

May we all have a concrete experience of the Risen Christ who loves us dearly!

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