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New Cultural Center article available

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Dear friends and benefactors,

I hope we start this year strong. 2021 will be a difficult year in many ways.I ask God to give us “a pair of all-terrain boots” to cross whatever comes this year. Days will come with glasses, thorns, mud, etc. and paved days will come too. I thank God Onorúame who will accompany us in any circumstance will come.

On this occasion I share with all of you an article written by a young Jesuit Father Rodrigo Espinoza S.J. He shares with us his work in the Jesuit Cultural Centers of Tarahumara. It is something that inspires the work of all the Jesuits who work accompanying the rarámuri people.

We continue in communion of prayers and offering of everything we do.


Fr. Miguel Quintanilla S.J.

NOTE: The article is now available on the "Projects" page of the website. CLICK HERE

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