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Video about the Raramuri runners

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

This documentary on the Raramuri runners was broadcast by NHK Japan. It focuses on the race that took place in 2019. It is very impressive.

The full video is now available in the new Video Gallery page.

The Copper Canyon region of northern Mexico is home to a group of indigenous people known as the Rarámuri. Their name means "those who run fast." This episode of our program features a trail race pitting leading professional runners against the Rarámuri. 250 kilometers of exceptionally challenging terrain, run over 5 days. Great athletes putting their pride on their line, and their limits to the test. We capture every minute of the action. How did the Rarámuri earn their name? Why are they "those who run fast"? We explore these questions in their stunning homeland.

Click the link below:

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