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Water for Life Update, 2021

Updated: Aug 10

Steve and Miriam Schneider of Schneider Water Services of St. Paul, OR have been long time supporters of the TCHF of Oregon and have managed the Water for Life program since its inception in 2015. They took a team of volunteers and industry experts to Creel in 2016 and 2017 to survey and test the water wells under the coordination of Fr. Miguel. Due to recent health issues, Steve and Miriam will not be returning to Creel and he has retired from Schneider Water Services. He encouraged us to send the remainder of the Water for Life fund to Fr. Miguel for him to continue the project with local assistance. On January 25, 2021 we sent a check for the total outstanding balance of the original funds in the amount of $36,036.92 to Fr. Miguel.

Thank you to Steve and Miriam for spearheading this effort and for all of the volunteers who worked on the project with them. Thanks as well to everyone who helped fund this program back in 2015 to allow the initial scientific analysis and the ongoing remediation of the water wells in the area in and around Creel. Providing a reliable, clean and safe source of water to all of those who depend on these pumps will change lives for many years to come.

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